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  • NOTE: To upgrade the printer you can use any USB, but you need to format it from the menu printer once you plug it in.
  1. Copy the firmware you want to upgrade to into the folder “auprn\firmware”, in your USB
  2. Reboot your U2 Diesel or turn it on
  3. Once the Printer is in the main menu insert the USB into the printer
  4. After few seconds, the printer may show a message “Import Settings + Messages or Only Messages or None”, just choose the third option “NONE“.
  5. After few seconds, the printer will show a new message “Do you want to upgrade? Yes / No”, but only if there is a new firmware in the folder “auprn\firmware”, in your USB. Please choose “Yes”.
  1. Now the printer will upgrade the printer with the new firmware. After flashing the leds on top of the printer, the printer will beep and the screen will become black. Please wait for one minute and then reboot the printer unplugging and plugging back in the power connector. Only in the last firmwares the printer will reboot automatically after upgrading the firmware.
  2. Repeat steeps 2-7 while the printer is not fully upgraded.


  • Printer older than Version 6.195.0004, please upgrade to this version first
  • Last step upgrade Version 06.198.0002

Latest Firmwares

VIDEO (Link to an external website)

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